Okay so I had sex with my boyfriend

Patient: Okay so I had sex with my boyfriend around the end of January maybe around the 23rd. I missed my period the next month, which is supposed to be on Feb. 19. So I waited till today (March 11) to see if I was pregnant. The test came back negative. So my question is, is there a need to take another test?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for asking the question.As your home urine pregnancy test negative after so long there is no chances of pregnancy and there is no need of repeat testing.There are thus many other causes which may cause delayed menses like stress, thyroid disorder, hormonal imbalance, anxiety, excessive weight changes, exercise, infection, PCOS and fibroid.So you should consult a Gynaecologist and get yourself examined and investigation performed to rule out the above-mentioned causes.I hope it was useful.Regards