Okay so I have a question I’m hiv undetectable

Patient: Okay so I have a question I’m hiv undetectable and play the bottom role and my partner is hiv negative and is on prep. After we have unprotected sex the lips to his penis hole are sore. No burning occurs or anything. it’ll last like a day or two then he is okay. what could thay possibly be??? Or is it something not to worry about. Weve had unprotected sex quiet a few times and he still remains negative the only thing he ever gets is that soreness.

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Though you are HIV undetectable, the possibility of transmi ssion cannot be completely eliminated.But as your partner is on pre exposure prophylaxis, the possibility of transmission is less.Soreness of lips of penis may occur due to other sexually transmitted infections also. So, better to get investigated for them.Using barrier methods of contraception can prevent the transmission of infections and also can decrease the soreness.Take care