Okay so I just finished a pack of my birth

Patient: Okay so I just finished a pack of my birth control pills for this month except for my period week, because I haven’t had it yet. Is this normal to skip periods on birth control? I also have had this white boogery like substandard come out of my lady part but that had been happening for a while. Some occasional cramp like pain. Not a lot though. No cravings, no spotting, no vomiting. My breasts don’t hurt tremdously bad. But breasts are always a little sensitive right? is this my birth control?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD,If you have just completed your pill-pack then you should be getting a withdra wal bleed within next 7 days ideally. The presence of whitish discharge per vaginum is likely to be increased cervical secretions unless accompanied with itching which could then be a fungal infection.It is suggested that you should wait for the menses to return before starting a fresh pack and also get yourself evaluated for a possible fungal infection. The symptoms that you are experiencing are likely to be that of PMS and indicates that your menses shall ensure in next few days.I hope I have answered your query,Regards