Okay so me and my girlfriend had sex last weekend

Patient: Okay so me and my girlfriend had sex last weekend on a Monday, she got her period a week later. Is she pregnant? We have been having sex every time I go over there and I had been dry every time and hurts her. I use a condom ever time and had no problem with condom break or leaks. We are STD free also. We had sex the other day and that night she had sort of a rash around the opening of the vagina. Next morning after that she had two lump places on both sides around and the pelvic or around the ovary place. Today which is 3-4days later after we had sex she has been having the feeling to pee all the time and this morning when she wiped after peeing and it was a orange color one time then a pinkish color the other time. I need some information on what’s going on. Thank you!!

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.If you have had protected sex and there was no condom misadventure then it is unlikely that she would get pregnant. The bumps she has experienced are likely to be frictional and the range spotting may indicate the start of her menses as in day 1. She should wait for few days to allow an increase in flow, which if does, then she is safe from pregnancy and there is no cause or worrying at all.Hope this helps.Regards