Okay so on April 23rd I had unprotected sex with

Patient: Okay so on April 23rd I had unprotected sex with a guy (lord help me I don’t know why I really do regret it) but around the 26th I had real bad cramps like the ones I get when my period is getting ready to come on then then when I got up to go wipe myself that night I seen bright red blood but it wasn’t on my panties the then that morning when I woke up that morning it was bright red and on my panties had little cramping but my period was on the 1st of that month btw I had to take pills for these cramp and I thought it was weird when I starting bleeding because my period was suppose to come on a week later(1st of May) and I mean it felt like my period I felt yucky and I had blood clots like really big really red blood clots so that last to the end of the month. Then I met this other guy we starting seeing each other then on the 8th of May we had unprotected sex and we had unprotected sex a few times after that then on the 17th of may I took a family dollar pregnancy test and it came back negative then on the 18th of May me & the guy I’m seeing now had unprotected sex, then on the 20th I had spotting very light pink color when I wiped and that was only that one time then on on 29th took a pregnancy test and it came back positive it was the first response one. Then on the 1st of June I had very light spotting again but it was only that one time then when I went to the doctor she said I was five weeks, basically my question is the first time I had unprotected sex was in April then I started bleeding was that implantation bleeding or was it implantation bleeding on the 20th of May or was the implantation bleeding on June 1st? Please I need help I really hope it wasn’t implantation in April. Just need some answers and some explanation

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,It appears from the history that the spotting you had on 26/27 April was likely your implantation bleed as your ultrasonological age of gestation is 5 weeks which qualifies for april last week and hence it is likely that you got pregnant with the first guy . The second bleed which you had on 20th May was probably a threatened abortion spotting following sex with your second guy, this can occur in early pregnancy when the placentation is not adequate and uterine contractions initiated during sex can initiate a separation of placenta causing bleed. So, now that you are pregnant and the likely father is the first guy, you may choose to continue or abort as it deems to be an unwanted pregnancy. You may discuss the options with your physician and take an informed decision.I hope I have answered your query in detail,Wishing you good health,Regards