Okay, well I’m a 15 year old female And I have big pimples on my butt

Patient: Okay, well I’m a 15 year old female. And I have like these big pimples on my butt and one of them has puss coming out of it. What could it be? And how do I fix this?

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read and understood your history . The presence of multiple pimples can be due to one of the following reasons:- Pyoderma, in which one gets multiple boils and they occur one-by-one and settle too. Why do they occur is not much known. Continues on.- Wet scabies. or scaboid form of scabies.I would suggest you the following:- Apply Liquid povidone Iodine locally to the whole area at least two times a day, this helps to sterilize the area well and at least kills the skin bacteria which become opportunistic.- Proper course of an antibiotic, anti-inflammatory medicines and multivitamins.- Consult a Surgeon or a Dermatologist for a proper diagnosis, investigations if needed, and to get prescription of the medicines which are not OTC (over-the-counter).- Continue the treatment till your cured.- Get new undergarments. The old one may be the cause.I hope this answer helps you to get the proper diagnosis and curative treatment.