Okie so on feb 26,2015 I had sex with guy

Patient: Okie so on feb 26,2015 I had sex with guy A it was also the first day of my period it lasted 4-5 days and then had sex with guy B on March 2,3 and the 11,2015 and found on I was pregnant, on April 6 2015 I when to the dr and he told me I was 5 weeks pregnant based on my last period. Who is the father?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,It is likely that the guy B is the father of the child. This i s because the sex which you had with guyA was when your menses were on and you were in your safe period when ovulation had not taken place.By march 11, being the mid cycle when ovulation would have occurred and you were in your fertile period, the likelihood of you getting pregnant from guy B was higher.So if the gestational age on ultrasound is 5 weeks then it is the second guy who is more likely to be the parent.I hope i have answered your query,Wishing you safe pregnancy ,Regards