Old gastric by pass now causing problems

Patient: I am a wf 48 smoker, had gastric bypass 10 yrd ago. i am hypo-glyciemic, take iorn shots monthly , take b-12 shots monthly, take ambien nightly to sleep, i am also enimic. I have had back pain since Dec 09 and my dr. sent me for x-ray, result was a mild case of solioceis he put me on pain and muscle relaxers nothing is helping. I have not been having bowel movements like I was and i am having what feels like charlie horses in my right adomen could my bowels be what is causing all the pain. My doctor want me to go for MRI but i hate to be out the exspense if it could be something else. also while in bed my right leg goes mumb down to my knew..can you give me your thoughts on what it could be???

Doctor: The symptoms you describe are mostly likely attributed to pinched nerves in your spinal cord. This explains your decreas ed bowel movements, back pain and numbness in the legs. The scoliosis may be the cause of the pinched nerves. Unfortunately, x-rays may not always show this condition and thus a MRI would be necessary to confirm the diagnosis.When the diagnosis is made you will be referred to an orthopaedic spine surgeon who will tell you about the treatment options availableYour systems are very unlikely to be related to any of the previous surgeries you have had or any of the medications you presently take.