Old head injury scar pain

Patient: Ten years ago I had a head injury. A lava lamp fell tip first off a shelf and onto my head gashing it open at the top left. It was stapled up and the doctors didn’t find a concussion. A couple years later I started getting dizzy all the time and sharp pains in the scar. Ten years go by and it just gets worse. My doctors haven’t run any tests yet but I’m wondering if the injury could have long term affects or if its possible it caused brain damage without my doctors at the time back then noticing? Im always dizzy and have even blacked out before. When it rains the scar hurts the worse and when it hurts I get even more dizzy. I also struggled with anxiety and depression starting soon after the injury. Another strange thing is an odd crackling sound and feeling in my brain.

Symptoms: Dizziness, scar pain, depression, anxiety, balance problems, hearing crackling in my head