Old scar, new symptoms?

Patient: I have an old burn scar on my shoulder that I’ve had for 20 years (I’m 21), it has never bother me until recently; It itches, it is very red and burns. There is a red lump coming off of the scar and what feels like a dime sized ball at the top of the lump. I have not changed my diet/detergents/soap/lotion. Not sure what I should do or what type of doctor I should see. I have uploaded some images so hopefully you will be able to help.Thank you so much. Very much appreciated.

Symptoms: Red, itchy, burning on old scar

Old scar, new symptoms?-1 Old scar, new symptoms?-1 Old scar, new symptoms?-1

Doctor: Hello. Welcome to askthedoctor.com.I have seen the attached pics also.You have developed keloid over the old scar . It is due to disturbed collagen bundle alignment that lead to structural changes in the dermis resulting in surface changes which appear on the skin like this.It is usually occur spontaneously with no external triggering factor so not related to the soap, detergent etc.Trauma is most of the time is the inciting factor.I usually advice my such patients to apply silicone based, gel-like hexilak silicone gel over the scar. Also, intralesional steroid injections are given in the thick areas.I will advise you to visit your doctor so that he can give you the prescription. You can share my opinion with him.Stay healthy.