On 6/24/2015 i was boxing what was salvageable from

Patient: On 6/24/2015 i was boxing what was salvageable from my grandmas trailor she hasnt lived in it for 2 winters, but racoons and mice , and rats have been living in it for about 4 years, this was the first time anyone has been in it in 2 years, and animal feces and urine was everywhere they tore the celings down and had holes in the roof and insulation was everywhere along with multiple animal feces, i wore gloves and got a few bites on my legs but i think from misquetos, the animals are still living in the home. I became sick about 24 hours later is it related? Or should i just wait out the stomach problems? And chalk it up to the flu

Symptoms: About 26 hours after exposure diarrhea started and i still have even though i am taking meds for it, i am neaseus, have had extreem pain in my stomach abdominal area, pain my chest but that almost feels like extreem heartburn, i have pain in my shoulders the 2nd day i had pain in my lower back, chills, today i started getting sweats and still have other pains. No fevers that i can tell

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query and an elucidate history.The present problem looks to be due to stomach flue.I would adv ise you to get the tests of blood urime and stool and get started on an antibiotic if indicated by the tests, otherwise to take symptomatic treatment of PPI, antispasmodic and to counter dehydration.Hope this helps you,Regards.