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On my home tonight while driving my car, I pulled

Patient: On my home tonight while driving my car, I pulled over and read a message in my car. I ended up sitting in my car for another 45 minutes or so, reading articles. However, the entire time, I had my right foot (mostly the ball of my foot) on the brake, and did not realize i was pushing fairly hard on the brake pedal. I simply was not paying attention. I was wearing leather shoes with leather sole.Now my foot, especially the front of foot has quite the pins and needles for the last 30 minutes or so. Could I have done long term damage to my foot.



Symptoms: Simply tingling in right foot – toes, ball of foot, and arch of foot.



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for writing to us.I have read your case and can understand your situation.You seem to have parasth esia due to temporary nerve compression. This happens because pressure on nerves and blood vessels ( due to your sitting position) causes deficiency of oxygen and nutrients to them .The foot gradually loses sensation( falls asleep).This would subside soon. To fasten the process you can do little walking, mild jogging or jus move your affected foot to increase supply of oxygen and nutrients to affected area.There does not seem to be long term damage to foot.Hope I was able to answer your query .Feel free to write back. Regards .

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Patient: Would you assume that it is VERY unlikely that there is any long term damage?
How long would I have had to sit like that to cause damage ( a few hours – I was 45 minutes)
Also, how soon would it be reasonable for the “pins and needles” to go away
Fyi – it is about 2:00 am here in Vancouver Canada – and I am about to go to bed.

Doctor: Hello
Thanks for writing back
It is less likely to cause long term damage. It should go away in few hours as the nutrient supply is back to nerves and blood vessels
Hope this helps
Feel free to write back
Take care


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