On sunday i had an attack of some sort

Patient: On sunday i had an attack of some sort. Doctor says its just stress, i dont like to over-react but i believe it may be more than just stress. I was at rest when i began to feel light-headed, dizzy, a little unfocussed. My pulse had dropped to around 40. I remained calm, controlled by breathing and did not hyperventilate. Symptoms got worse, cold sweats, hands and feet cold, numb and tingly. I became quite unstable on my feet. My face went tingly, my hands pulled tight, the thumbs were worst) into a half fist and i could not open them. My chest felt extremely pressured and my speech became slurred. Afer a few days in hospital, doc says my heart and lungs are perfect, blood showed nothing untoward. His diagnosis is stress. An ecg this morning showed bradicardia, probably MI (inferior), atrial fibrillation, minor left axis deviation, T-wave near baseline (inferior). Is he correct or should i get a second opinion?

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.If you have taken an ECG and that was found to have an abnormality in it, there is no do ubt there may be something wrong. If the ECG says that you have an MI in the inferior wall, then you need to follow this up with cardiac enzyme markers. These are markers liek the Troponins, LDH or CK-MB. These enzymes if elevated are unequivocal proof of a Heart attack.I recommend that you stop all gym work till you get these tests done. All the best. Wishing you a quick recovery.