Wednesday, October 28, 2020

On The DL Episode 17: Director X shares his meditation and wellness tips

Director X is an award winning film and music video director and producer.

In addition to this he is one of the founders of Operation Prefrontal Cortex which is a program harnessing the power of mindfulness and meditation to help reduce the incidents of gun and mass violence.

In this special interview with Dana, Director X shares some of his personal meditation tips and things he does to keep his mind and body sharp.

Mentioned Companies/Apps:

Operation Prefrontal Cortex, Endel, Headspace, Calm, Muse,

Dana Levenson
Dana Levenson
Dana Levenson is an experienced television news personality with over 20+ years working with CTV. She partnered with Ask The Doctor in 2020 to help share health & wellness knowledge to everyone around the globe on her show On The DL.

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