Wednesday, October 28, 2020

On The DL Episode 2: Covid-19 Survivor Sacha El Wakeel

Sacha El-Wakeel is the owner of one of Toronto, Canada’s most popular restaurants, Calii Love. More importantly he is one of the lucky Covid-19 survivors. In this intimate interview, Sacha goes one-on-one with Ask The Doctor TV and shares with Dana his almost near death experience.

Sacha El-Wakeel and Dana Levenson


Sacha was at Toronto General Hospital for over a month on ventilators battling Covid-19. He describes in detail how all of a sudden his legs went numb and he had difficulty breathing. He shares his journey right from when the ambulance arrived to his home to what he remembers being in an induced comma. Sacha also talks about how all the Doctors and Nurses really worked hard to save his life.

Dana Levenson
Dana Levenson
Dana Levenson is an experienced television news personality with over 20+ years working with CTV. She partnered with Ask The Doctor in 2020 to help share health & wellness knowledge to everyone around the globe on her show On The DL.

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