One Day Period, Lower Abdomen Pain, Negative Pregnancy Test?

Patient: The month of August I got my period the 18th through the 25th.This month (September)I was extremely bloated for 4 days, then I got a one day period of maybe a few hours, It was bright red, enough to stain when I peed but not enough to stain a tampon (Sept. 24). I took a pregnancy test that read negative September 25th. After that I had no more bleeding however I’ve been having cramping. Today September 28th, I have lower abdomen pain, a tiny bit of a bloated feeling and had a light pink drop when I peed this morning. My periods are usually irregular but this is a first. I have a 4 month old who was born via C Section. I am just confused on what may be going on, but am hesitant to go to the Dr. since I have no insurance. What may it be?

Symptoms: Bloating
One day bright red bleeding
lower abdominal pain
mucousy discharge