One day period. Pregnant?

Patient: Hi Doctor,My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex and he did not ejauculate. The very next day my period started. My period only lasted for that day, then the bleeding stopped. This is very weird for me since usually my periods last longer. I took the Plan B pill 2 days after my boyfriend and I had sex just in case. It’s been 4 days since we did it. Could I still be pregnant?Thanks for your time

Symptoms: Headaches

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for contacting askthedoctor.comIf you have had sex a day prior to your menses then it is unlikely that you would get pregnant. Sometimes it happens after intercourse that menses may occur in form of spotting but as you have taken plan b , then you should ideally wait for 7 day s before withdrawal bleed can be noticed .So wait for few more days for withdrawal to occur, and it it doesn’t then do a urine pregnancy test to rule out pregnancy.I hope i have answered your query in detail ,wishing you good health ,regards