One pregnancy test was a faint positive, one was negative. Am i pregnant?

Patient: Ok so I took a pregnancy test the day it was due on a Tuesday because my breasts hurt soooo bad and it was a very faint positive, waited until Thursday to test again and was light line saying positive, but then that Sunday was cramping, breasts no longer hurt, and had some bleeding and took a test that morning and was negative. So I figured wasn’t pregnant and maybe had a chemical pregnancy? Had bleeding for 5 days, then that Saturday some spotting and the done. This week whenever I wipe there is light pink blood on the tissue but none in the toilet water, now its a kinda light brown. Have had some very mild cramping in lower abdomen. Any idea what is going on? Oh and I have been starving all week, like hungry the whole time I am awake.

Doctor: Going by your history and the description of your symptoms you became pregnant and probably had a blighted ovum( a defec tive pregnancy which gets aborted on its own), that explains your initial symptoms and a faintly positive test. Do not worry all your symptoms will subside on their own but you may continue to have some bloody/brownish discharge for some time and then it will settle down. In case you desire a pregnancy or if you have had similar episodes in the past you may visit your doctor .