One swollen tonsil

Patient: Hello, I’m 17 and about 9 days ago while at the dentist she noticed that my right tonsil is much more swollen then my left. She told me I should see a doctor about it but I’m reluctant because I’ve felt no pain and I didn’t even notice it until she pointed it out. The only thing I’ve noticed is some flem in my throat and a earache and jaw pain both on my right side. I’ve also felt very tired lately but I don’t think that’s related. Should I go see a doctor about this or is most likely nothing?

Symptoms: One swollen tonsil, no pain, earache and jaw pain

Doctor: Thank you for your question. We recommend that you have your doctor to have this checked out. It is likely that you have an infection that requires antibiotic treatment for it to be cured.Thank you for choosing