Ongoing plantar fasciitis after therapy

Patient: I have had plantar fascitiis for over 7 months. I have seen a family doctor, podiatrist, and physical therapist and still don’t have relief. I have been told to do all kinds of stretching, different walking steps, therapy band stretches, and toe grasp exercises. Pain was mostly in my heel, but know has moved on to the upper outside of my foot. I wear good shoes known to help plantar fasciitis and wear inserts in my tennis shoes. The physical therapist says I’m not progressing and should go back to the podiatrist. Originally, the podiatrist was very vague and just listed my options giving me a prescription for physical therapy. I have a job where I stand most of the day, but have summers off. I wanted relief before I go back in the fall. I am at a lose as to what to do next. Suggestions? Thanks.

Symptoms: Pain in heel, pain in upper outside of foot, pain when first standing up. Pain mostly subsides after stretching, but hurts a great deal first thing in the morning.