Opioids and Breast Augmentation Surgery.

Patient: Hi, I am getting a boob job in less than two weeks, and I have taken a suboxone and a percocet, a hydro and many oxycontins. I am worried about them being blood thinners or making it hard for me to heal after surgery. I am also worried if i tell my doc they will call off the surgery. well thank you so much.

Doctor: All the medications you have listed are opioids . They are not known to affect the ability of the blood to clot or to af fect the body’s healing time. The most common side effects of these medications are nausea, vomiting, constipation, drowsiness, dizziness and respiratory depression. Nonetheless you should still inform your doctor if you are still taking these medications as well as any side effects you have suffered from them. The fact that you have taken or are taking these medications does not prohibit you from having your surgery.