Oral fungal infection

Patient: I have developed fungitis in my mouth i am usingFLUCONAZOLE-150 MG DAILY PLEASE SUGGEST ANY TYPE OF OTHER MEDICINE ARE AVAILABLE

Doctor: In otherwise healthy individuals oral fungal infection are rare. Its more common in patients having long term antibiotic /steroid therapy or who may be immuno-compromised because of uncontrolled diabetes/ infections like HIV, nutritional deficiency etc. Poor oral hygiene/ dirty worn out artificial dentures are also the contributory factors.Mild oral fungal infections generally heal on its own as soon as basic causes are taken care off. For moderate infection, oral anti fungal lotions/lozenges can be used.Only for severe uncontrolled infection systemic anti-fugal therapy is required.Apart from fluconazole there are many other anti fungal medicines. Though you are taking the right medicine, but my suggestion is do not self medicate, consult your dentist/physician to look for any local cause, rule out any systemic cause and management of your present fungal infection.