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Oral sex symptoms of std with sore throat and tongue?

Patient: I am a male and made the horrible choice to have oral sex with a male prostitute 4 weeks ago and last week started getting a sore throat. I feel a bit achy, tired but still have energy. I have a sore throat but it’s not painful at all, maybe tender, and under my tongue as well. What made me think it was weird is that I don’t have any green mucus, which I always have with a sore throat. There’s lots of red veins in my mouth too and looks like a white patch underneath my skin, not on top like strep or fungus. My lymph nodes above my adams apple feel a little bit large, but I’m not sure. My throat is a bit swollen mid way through too, but again it doesn’t hurt. It looks exactly the same since I noticed it a week ago. I’m scared because I don’t know what it is. I’m going to go to the doctor soon, but any info now would help my anxiety soooo much. Please refer to the pictures. Please help!



Symptoms: Sore throat, Sore under tongue, red veins in mouth, a little achy, tired but have energy, possible swollen lymph nodes under chin, swollen throat, not really painful at all, no color mucus or coughing



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Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query to ATD for an opinion,I understand your concern here completely of bearing a possibil ity of having contracted an STD after getting involved in an oral sex with a male prostitute whose STD status was most likely unknown to you. As you mentioned that it was 4 weeks back and you started developing sore throat symptoms just a week back without any swelling, pain, fever or any sputum in cough yet. Firstly, from the pictures that you have attached the pharynx appears to be mildly inflamed but the uvula, hard and the soft palate appears normal and also the bilateral tonsils as well are not enlarged indicating that the extent or flare of infection is still mild.Now the concern about it being an STD again is fairly unlikely as there has been a gap of almost 3 weeks between the episode and the first onset of symptoms. The incubation period of chlamydia or gonorrhoea is about 1-2 weeks and the manifestation of symptoms occur after 2 weeks generally and are florid usually.So it is suggested that you should visit your physician for a local examination and a throat swab culture to isolate the organism which can then be specifically treated with a sensitive antibiotic accordingly. In the mean time, you may opt for saline warm water gargles thrice a day for symptomatic relief by reducing the pharyngeal wall edema.I hope i have been able to address your concerns in detail and have been able to allay your anxiety to an extent.Wishing you speedy recovery,Regards

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Patient: Thank you I will follow up with a doctor visit and figure out exactly. I’ll post my updates too.

Doctor: Thanks for choosing ATD, we are always there for you. Please get a throat swab for culture done to know the causative organism for certain.


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