Orthopedic help needed, before going under the knife.

Patient: I have a lump that forms near my shin in my left leg whenever I do any strenuous activity. If I run more than half a mile it becomes painful and gets to the point where I can not even walk on my left leg. I had an MRI and X-Rays which did not show anything. My doctor wants to do surgery and perform a fasciotomy. I’ve been looking online and it seems that is only done when a person has a compartment syndrome, which my doctor has not said I have. Most o the people that have had the procedure state they are in no better health even several months later. Is this something I should be getting a second opinion on before getting surgery and does it sound like it could be something besides just the muscle being torn? Is there not a way to close the opening rather than him cutting the entire fascia?

Symptoms: Leg pain while exercising.

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for your queryI have gone through your question in detail and understand your concern. It is likely to be muscle herniation. Treatment of it are many including wide fasciotomy. In this there is gap in the fascia. Direct closing of gap is not recommended as it can cause compartment syndrome. However it can be closed by fascial grafting .Hope I have answered your query.Wishing you good healthTake care