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Our 18 year old daughter was in a car accident

Patient: Our 18 year old daughter was in a car accident last night. She was hit by a driver who ran the light, but neither of them were driving very fast – they just pulled off from a stop. She was looked over by an EMT and seemed fine. Lsat night, she only had some soreness over her left shoulder from her seatbelt. We expected that today she would start to have soreness over new/different areas of her body – which is the case.She has recently embraced the goal of avoiding meds so I was hoping there are some suggestions to help other than Tylenol or Motrin. She is open to natural remidies & essential oils, but she is just beginning to learn about those options and benefits. I forget when it is best to use cold compresses or hot pads and how often. Are there any other suggestions to help her have a comfortable weekend with limited or no meds?



Symptoms: Her current soreness is mainly in her back (upper area – over scapulas) & down the center from scapulas to lower back. It is a constant, dull pressure like ache nothing sharp. She has had a couple headaches (across her forehead) and mild soreness over her lower sternum.



Doctor: Hello,Thank you for posting your query at ATD.I understand your concern regarding little to no use of medication , its good in some respect but Tylenol is quite safe as a medicine and can even be taken by the pregnant female.Cold compresses can be done every 3-4 hours for 10-15 mins, not to be done over fingers, toes, nose, and ear lobes. Cold compresses can be done for upto 4-5 days, it helps in decreasing blood collection in the subcutaneous skin.After that hot compresses to be done 3-4 times a day, helps decrease pain and stiffness, and helps in early mobilization.There are some ayurvedic or other natural oil preparation available in the market but their efficacy is not known as I’m not the specialist in this field. A lot of patients believe them to be quite effective. You can use them as per your wish or after visiting natural therapist. However these oils should not be applied over abraded skin.My recommendation is to take Tylenol for at least three days to help in early resolution of inflammation along with cold compresses.Feel free to discuss further.Regards

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Patient: thank you very much, this is helpful information

Doctor: I am glad I could be of help. Thank you for your positive feedback.


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