Out of place first rib

Patient: I currently have an extremely out of place first rib on my right side. I was diagnosed with Thoracic outlet syndrome by a vascular specialist who seemed happy enough to remove the rib, but the rib can be mobilized and moved down and off my brachial plexus (it was trapped between the elevated rib and collarbone) by my physical therapist making me leery of the surgery. I have tried to contact orthopedists in the area for further help in getting this rib to go back to where it came from, but I am being told that no orthopedists in my area deal with ribs. I have been dealing with this issue for over 6 months and hope that I can find a direction to go in, or a contact, anything. My family doctor is at a loss. MRI and xtrays show no other disc or cervical rib abnormalities.