Out side knee pain left leg

Patient: My wife is having severe knee pain at night when sleeping it hurts on the left side on the outside of the knee and radiates to her calf into her thigh does not hurt to walk on it or hurt when she’s awake during the day only at night

Symptoms: Knee pain

Doctor: Hello. Welcome to Ask The Doctor.We are here to help you.I have two possibilities in her case scenario:1. Early Os teoarthritis.2. Rest less leg syndrome.I advise you to get her following:1. Xray both knee- AP and Lateral view.2. Serum ferritinTill the investigations are done and results are awaited, I advise her following:1. To do hot fomentation daily.2. Apply local pain killer gels like Volini on and around the knee.3. To do quadriceps strengthning exercises that she can learn from YouTube.I am hopeful this would help her.If you have any further query, please ask me.Stay Healthy.