Ovarian complex cyst

Patient: HelloMy age is 34, my doctor sent me to do transvaginal sonography last week because of the pain that I experienced during my ovulation period. Here is the report:Mildly right ovarian complex cyst with small mural nodule is unremarkableFollow up in 3 months.I am very worried and I didn’t understand what means mural nodule.Thanks

Symptoms: Pelvic pain

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query,The presence of a suspected mural nodule in a complex ovarian cyst generally indicates towards an ovarian carcinoma. It is a solid nodule seen along the wall of an ovarian cyst with epithelial cell tumours. It is often confused with endometriotic cysts as well on ultrasound and hence a detailed examination is required with an MRI scan and also CA 125 tumour marker which if indicate a tumour then it would necessary to undergo a laparotomy and surgical staging of the tumour. However, a laparoscopic peritoneal wash can be done earlier in suspected cases and subjecting it to histopathological examination to confirm the diagnosis before resorting to laparotomy and surgical staging. In your case as the cyst is small at present, a repeat ultrasound after 3 months, if it shows increase in size and more mural nodules with thick internal septations, then likelihood of a malignancy is high.Please follow up with your physician.Regards