Ovarian Complex Cystic Masses

Patient: I’m a 21yr old Female. I was in the Emergency room 11 18 and receive an ultrasound for Right sided pain. This is the Ultrasound report:Adjacent, Versus single lobular, complex cystic masses seen in the cul-de-sac, the largest to the left of the midline measuring 7×5.5 cm and the smaller mass to the right of the midline measuring 6x4cm. both lesions have identical sonographic characteristics with diffuse homogeneous internal low level echoes and peripheral nodularity. No difinite internal vascularity. Normal ovaries are not identified separately on either sideImpression:Large complex cystic masses posterior to the uterus as described above concerning for ovarian neoplasm. alternatively these could represent edometriomas, however the mural nodularity is concerning.Should i be alarmed about there findings?