Ovarian Cyst?

Patient: Hello I sent a message recently and had a response (which I have attached below) Since the below I have had Pregnancy test, Blood tests, urine sample and Smear (PAP) done all of which have come back as normal and now I’m waiting till Jan for an Ultrasound – just wondering if from all my symptoms is it likely I do have a Ovarian Cyst? I am in pain almost every day around my tummy, belly biutton and ovaries (mainly right side but left too) I also always feel very tired all the time too. (pains have been present for coming up to around 3 months) Please can you help me! :-Hello, Wondering if you could help me for around 8 weeks now i’ve been suffering with pains and twinges on the left and right side of my abdomen. I get this every single day,a few times its been quite intense but nothing major i’d say probably around 7 out of 10 for pain. I also get slight pains around my stomach and what seems to be my ovaries (mainly on right side) Its like a dull ache or as if someone is pressing against me. Sometimnes pain in my back too. I have visisted the drs 3 times about this and the 3rd time they suggested it was probably IBS and I took the medication however this did absolutly nothing for me! I also changed certain foods which bloated me however I do still seem to be bloated even if not eaten much. All 3 drs have also felt around my stomach, hips, back and near groin around to feel for ‘cysts’ and said everything seems fine. I should also mention the first doctor suggested I wait to see if my peroid comes (as it could be pregnancy) and when I did have my period it was very heavy and lasted a week(usually its around 4 days)It was also quite painful. The doctor also said if the pains last 4 weeks i’ll need an internal examination. Is it possible I could have Ovarian cysts? I just want some answers as this has been going on for so long! Although not extremely painful its very annoying and does disrupt my day to say life. Please help!Dear Nichola: It is difficult for me to point out a cause for your pain abdomen. Examination, blood work and imaging studies (ultrasound) may be required to detect the underlying pathology. The common causes of pain are ovarian cysts, mittelschmerz, PID, fibroids and endometriosis. An ovarian cyst may be diagnosed by an ultrasound or a CT.