Ovarian Cyst and the flow is not heavy. What could it be?

Patient: Hello doctor,when i had sex on 29th march ’14, the condom broke. he didn’t ejaculate inside, but we were afraid about the pre-cum, so I took an Ipill. Later I had my periods from 4th to 9th April ’14, then again 14th to 19th April ’14, which was a bit less flow. Later we had sex on 26th April ’14, that time I had a little bleeding after an hour of intercourse.I got BHCG test done, it came 8.5(boderline). Then pelvic ultrasound, where we found out i have a left ovarian cyst of 3.5cm*3.2cm. So doctor suggested I take novelon everynight.Now the problem is I got my periods on 10th May ’14, before that I had spotting. And till today, 22nd May ’14, bleeding hasn’t stopped. The flow is not heavy. What could it be?

Symptoms: Had a little lower abdomen pain.

Doctor: Thank you for your query.Ovarian cysts can cause menstrual cycle irregularities, intermittent bleeding etc. If you h ave nausea, vomiting or fever then it is advised to see the doctor immediately otherwise the ovarian cyst should resolve within few months. If problem persists or in case not bearable see the doctor. Pain during intercourse or bleeding after the sex could also be due to the ovarian cyst.Hope that answers your query. Have a good day.