Ovarian Cyst disappeared week before operation

Patient: Hello,I am due to have both of my ovaries taken out next week due to a cyst that grew to 6cm in diameter. I insisted on having a scan one week before the operation just in case it had reduced in size or gone, then I might have chosen to not go ahead with the procedure due to worries about my lung being weak against anaesthetic from a pneumothorax two years ago. I have a ever so slightly raised CA125 level at 59 but I have been told that there could be several reasons for this. My gynaecologist is almost convinced that the cyst is benign. I went for the ultrasound scan yesterday and the 6cm cyst was not there, I also had two trans-vaginal scans with different sonographers and there was still nothing. I can’t talk to the consultant gynaecologist as he is on holiday until the day before my operation. Would you advise for or against having the procedure done since here is no cyst to remove and at 50 years old I am not fully menopausal?

Symptoms: None at present, used to have left side pain but completely disappeared just before Christmas.