Ovarian cyst gaining weight?

Patient: I’ve had an ovarian cyst since last month. it ruptured causing agonizing pain, and I have pain this month as well, with excruciating pain. Also my stomach is really big for some reason. is that normal? I wanted to know am I gaining fat, or it’s liquid retention? also do these cysts ever disappear without birth control pills and does it affect fertility?thanks

Symptoms: Pain on lower abdomen

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.The answer to all your questions is yes or maybe. It is possible that a person with ovar ian cyst has fluid in the stomach and also the changes in the hormones will cause obesity. These cysts can disappear without using birth control pills.But, I really recommend that you take the Birth control pills as they will help you recover quickly. I believe that what you are talking about is Polycystic ovarian syndrome.Here are a few more symptoms in this:Cysts in the ovariesObesityHirsutismIrregular periodsInsulin resistanceI hope this helps you. See a Doctor if you do not feel better. Hope this helps.