Ovarian Cyst Rupture Aftermath

Patient: I had what was most likely an ovarian cyst burst two weeks ago. I’m still constantly nauseous, have abdominal pains, and severe headaches. I’m also anemic and suffer from depression. I’ve recently started sleeping excessively. How much longer do I have to deal with this?

Symptoms: Nausea, migraines, abdominal pains, excessive sleep

Doctor: Hello,An ovarian cyst rupture generally presents with enormous abdominal pain and acute pelvic pain. If it has been o ver 2 weeks and you have already tided over the crisis, but still there is abdominal pain and nausea , then there are chances that there are adhesion formation in the pelvis between organs due to the fluid extruded from the cyst. If it had been an endometriotic cyst ,all the more chances of adhesions and development of chronic pelvic pain.It is suggested that you may undergo an ultrasound pelvis to rule out any periuterine, peritubular or perio varian adhesions and if found they should be removed laparoscopically and the abdomen needs to be washed thoroughly during the procedure and adhesions to be broken and removed.Please visit your physician for evaluation and examination .I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards