Ovarian Cyst: Signs, Symptoms and Diagnosis

Patient: I am 14 and have recently had 2 cystectomy’s in the past 6months. The last one i had was on the 12th March 2011. When i had my ovarian cysts i experienced severe lower back and abdominal pain, it was affecting my walking, and also it made my periods very irregular. I would have one period which were very heavy and painful every other month or later. 5 weeks after having my last cystectomy i have been experiencing lower back and abdominal pain i thought this was normal scarring tissue but, i was due on my period on the 8th of april and have missed it again. Do you think another cyst could have returned already?

Doctor: Yes, it is possible that another cyst has recurred or there is another cyst in the other ovary. Women with ovarian cysts may experience various symptoms: bleeding – heavy, light or none at all; irregular menstrual cycles: prolonged (like your present case) or shortened; abdominal and back pain. This is not to be taken lightly as when an ovarian cyst ruptures, it can be life-threatening. Vaginal bleeding may not occur as it ruptures internally. An intact or ruptured ovarian cyst is difficult to differentiate by physical findings alone, as both may have very similar signs and symptoms. In my opinion, your case needs urgent attention as an ultrasound can confirm if an ovarian cyst has ruptured or not. Another possible benign cause of the abdominal pain could be dysmenorrhea (menstrual cramps, which can occur before or during a period) but serious conditions should be ruled out first to avoid unwanted consequences. I do hope I have helped you with your query. Take care always.