Over 30 Hormonal Acne Chin/Jawline/Neck

Patient: I am 31 and have been having ugly breakouts around my neck, chin and now jawline for the past 2.5 years. They appear to start with a blocked blackhead then erupt into a throbbing cystic lump. Sometimes they’re squeezable and I always squeeze. I also lead quite a stressful life, moving a lot and not having any real stability. But I try to be positive, this just makes me feel self-conscious… I always had minor acne in the normal places. I even get a few on my back, they’re located on my outer shoulders and shoulder blades these days, rather than the center of my back where they used to be. It’s strange getting acne in new places.The chin/jaw/neck ones have got worse and worse recently and I wonder whether they’re to do with hormonal reasons and whether I should try progesterone cream for my face and neck, I know to alternate areas with the dosage. Is it worth trying? I also wondering if I’m washing my face enough? I usually do a bit of exercise each day and will wear a bit of makeup but generally wash my face twice daily, although sometimes I pass-out with my makeup on! Healthy otherwise. Oh, I do consume an awful lot of (non-dairy) chocolate though…Please help me work out a way to rid this today, I wanna glow with youth not look tense with lumpy looking skin. I took photos in case we can add this to our inquiry?Thank you

Symptoms: cystic acne, blackheads, hormonal? over 30

Over 30 Hormonal Acne Chin/...-1

Doctor: Thank you for your question. We are sorry that you are experiencing difficulty with cystic acne. Your picture illustrat es areas of acne, scarring, and post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation. We would like to assert there is no one specific for this type of acne. We recommend that you consult a dermatologist to have the areas examined and determine what will be the best course of treatment for you. You may require a course of oral contraceptives, which studies have shown to improve acne. Secondly, topical treatments and cleansers can be prescribed to help with the existing areas.While awaiting your dermatology consultation we recommend that you try to keep your face clean by washing it twice daily with a mild non-fragranced, oil free cleanser. You will also want to apply sunscreen when going outdoors to protect against the exacerbation of the redness, and inflammation due to harmful ultraviolet radiation.Thank you for choosing askthedoctor.com