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Over a month ago, I was diagnosed with PCOS My

Patient: Over a month ago, I was diagnosed with PCOS. My doctor put me on the pill (Yasmin). In the first month, I developed acne, had nausea a couple days and mood swings.It is my second month now. I have vomitted 3 times over 2 days and even experienced some chest pain. The doctor prescribed me medicine for indigestion/gas but told me to stick with the birth control as it is common to experience side effects.It has been 2 days now and while the chest pain has subsided, I vommited once each day.Should I stick with the birth control? I would like to go off it but I wonder if it is necessary for me due to my PCOS.



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Doctor: HelloThanks for posting your query.Birth control pills are a good line of management for polycystic ovaries. Sid e effects like mood swings, gastro intestinal disorders, headache, etc are common. You can afford to continue the pills as long as the vomiting is not severe enough to cause dehydration. In case you feel you want to stop them you could do the same. Other modalities like inositol, metformin and weight management can be tried to bring your disorder under control. Discuss these options with your treating doctor.Hope this helpsRegards

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Patient: Thank you doctor for your response.
I feel fine during the day. I take the pill at night – around 11pm – and wake up around 5 am to throw up. This has happened over last two days. Should I stop taking the pill of this continues?

Doctor: Hello
You can stop the pill but abrupt stopping like this can lead to breakthrough bleeding. There is a chance of heavy bleeding. Hence we advise you to meet your doctor and consider alternate medicines like tranexemic acid to stop bleeding in case you get breakthrough bleeding on stopping pills.


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