Over-the-counter medicine for Facial Seborrhoeic Dermatitis.

Patient: Hi Doc,I’m diagnosed with Seborrhoeic dermatitis. I have dandruf, around the hairline and back of my head. So far, its not really a problem for me. i think its only common dandruf.but for the last two years,it getting worst, it seems like the flaking also happen in ear, nose,cheeks, eyebrow and around lips. My skin face is irritated, peeling, reddened and itchy. I try my best then to avoid direct sunlight because it is hurt so bad when my face expose to sunlight. Unfortunately, It is recurring for some period of time.Can you suggest me what kind of over-the-counter medicine/cream for the facial seborrhoeic dermatitis? and also the natural remedies?And also, what kind of shampoo that can cure the SD?If i can clean the dandruf in the scalp with the shampoo, will it help also to cure the facial SD? because this facial SD is sometimes really killing my confidence ( My jobs needs me to talk in front of the people, a lot)Hope you can help doc.Thanks

Symptoms: Seborrhoeic dermatitis, facial, peeling, reddened, itchy

Doctor: Hello thanks for your query on ATD.Yes you are having Seborrhic dermatitis. It is caused by over activity of sebaceo us glands present over scalp, chest, face & back. You should apply Ketoconazole shampoo & ZPTO shampoo on every alternate day. Leave the shampoo for 5 minutes then rinse. For other parts of your body, you can use Steroid creams after consulting your Dermatologist.Hope it helped you.