Over the last 12 months I have had allergic reactions

Patient: Over the last 12 months I have had allergic reactions to medicines and the list keep growing. I have been tested for food alleriges. Once was allergic to penuts, egg white and egg yoke. Recently tested no longer allergic. Tried to reintroduce to my system. had reactions.Have high bllod pressure was taking name brand exforge then this drug went generic. Developed hives. My blood pressure is elevated. Kidney functions are normal.I have bursidus in my hip; cannot take levoquin, aspirin, nothing with codine, zpac. Changed from exforge; allergic reaction to amlodipine besylate. So I am only taking chlorthalidone 25 mg for my pressure.MedicationsCarafate as neededVitamin DMontelukast SOB 10 mgPotassium Cler 10 Mex CapsuleBoystalic (half table or less becuase it lowered my heart date) will see cardiologist on Wednesday of this week.

Symptoms: Allergic reaction to the medicine listed above. Had a bioposy done by a determologist because of the break out with HIVES. Suggested that it may be my medicines. Medicine changed. previously was taking glimmpride for diabeties. Which I no longer have to take because it is control be diet and exercise. Fasting blood sugars are under 100.