Over the last few months I’ve had a uti that

Patient: Over the last few months I’ve had a uti that has re occurred 3 times after taking antibiotics.. The only symptom I have is the urge to urinate more. I had an ultrasound of my pelvic area of revelled I had a number of fibroids. Also just above my hips around my stomach I’m beginning to gets lots of stretch marks. Please help I’m sick of getting all these problems. I know I’m not pregnant.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for trusting ATD about your health care. I can understand your concern here.I have gone through you r history and I can understand that it is quite difficult to treat recurrent UTI.First and foremost important thing is to rule out the cause of recurrent UTI. In my opinion multiple fibroid is a cause of your problem.So i would recommend you to consult a Gynecologist and get yourself examined and ultrasound scan done to see the size and position of fibroid and it can be treated accordingly, either through myomectomy or through medication.Simultaneously you should go for urine routine/microscopic and culture and sensitivity to see the organism and treat accordingly.You should drink a lot of water, cranberry juice and maintain hygiene.Hope it is useful, feel free to ask more.Regards