Overdone Blepharoplasty

Patient: I had a 2nd upper eyelid surgery but too much skin and fat was taken out, 10mm of skin on the side. Only 1 to 2 mm on the side should be excised but too much skin and fat were taken out.My first eyelid surgery was 2010 to remove the sagging skin blocking my peripheral vision but there was 1 to 2 mm skin left and for more than 3 years I have been putting makeup in my eyes to cover that 1 to 2 mm that was left and have just decided to have it corrected this January 2014 and didn’t know it would cause me more problem now that it deformed my face.Instead of correcting, the doctor did another blepharoplasty again. It was overdone and very aggressive where I lost a lot of skin and fat in my eyes.The bones in the side of my eyes and cheek bone got too close which I can feel which resulted in pulling my eyes down and my cheekbone moved up, because it is pulling each other my nose stretch too and the side of my forehead pulled down too. I can feel my eyes compressed or shrunk. It is too unfortunate to say that it really deformed my face.The most worrying part is my cheekbone moved up and the bones in my brows protruded due to the fat that was taken out. This is my main concern that I want to address.What is the best approach to this problem? How can the cheekbone that moved up and eyes that got pulled down go back to its normal position?