Overian cyst

Patient: Hello doctor, i am 22 years old,unmarried and virgin.i was diagnosed to have PCOD two years back and doctor gave me krimson35 i had it for 4 months at the end of 2 months my breast started aching along with arm then my doctor gave me vitamin tablets along with krimson35 then i stopped after two months as my breast was hurting me then i regularly did yoga and followed strict diet now my periods are almost regular give or take few days but now my problem is i am still having those breast and arm pain in the initial days when i stopped krimson35 it was hurting me always but now it hurts me few days before and after period.why is t still hurting ?what is the reason ?my right breast and arm hurts ? i do often pres my nipple but nothing happen it is so uncomfortable ? why is it so ? what should i do to recover from this? i am really worried and scares me ­čÖü