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Ovulation after removal of ParaGard IUD

Dear Ask The Doctor:
I have not had my period since i had my paraguard iud taking out in March. Some say this is normal I am not sure. But my question is can you still get pregnant even if you do not get your period. I was not sure if you still can ovulate or not.


The foremost suspicion for missed periods in a sexually active women is almost always pregnancy. Your ovulation may resume in almost a month of removal of the IUD. Thus it is likely that you may be pregnant. You may take a home pregnancy test for confirmation.


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Guest Says: i took out my IUD myself (stupid I no)about /2 years ago in 2012 And today the coil came out, there for the string must of only detached , also ive been having unportected sex and a week late on my period.

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