Pacemaker artefact may occur with vibration equipment

Patient: I would like to use an exercise machine called a power plate. This is a piece of equipment which promotes muscle toning, improved circulation etc through vibration. there are no electrical impulses or magnets involved. However, as I have a pacemaker which was inserted five years ago for sino atrial disease the info provided advises against. My GP does not know why nor does the technician at the pacemaker clinic. I am 59 years old, am not overweight and am reasonably fit. No other health problems. Would greatly appreciate an answer.

Doctor: The problem with this vibration equipment device is that it can result in movement arterfact, which may be interpreted b y the pacemaker as a normal heart beat. If your heart goes very slow but the movement artefact is interpreted as a normal heart beat, this will inhibit the pacemaker, and therefore your heart rate could drop dramatically which may result in loss of consciousness or collapse. Therefore I would not recommend use of this vibration equipment device.