Patient: Pain in different areas…?? this serios..??

Symptoms: I am a 16 years old girl …i have left side abdomen pain pinching and sometimes dull from around a month..also pinching pain sometimes occour in my right abdomen….irritation or say a little pain occur while urinating…..also from around a month only i m used headaches that too left sidefrnt and back head….
from around a week i am suffering from chest pain from centre chest to area under my ribs again in the left side….this thing occur very few times say 3-4 times yet…
now today, i just worked a little and i got tired suddenly aftr some time in my left side chest a pinching pain occured which is still there when i take deep breath…whn this pain settled a little i was walking and i got a left side headache… hand became numb and started shivering a little…i found my self to be a little lost …i sat and aftr a few minutes i was alright….please help me …iss there anything serios….and why is there pain in all the mentioned areas at same time…??????


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Patient: Also from past 2-3 years i face the problem of dizziness,….i dosn’t faint but for a second nd so i feel difficulty walking , problem in vision everything got mixed up and heavy head almost everytime i stand aftr some rest…..and from 1-2 months i feel very sleepy when i woke up morning….my urine is also smelling very bad its not clear but a little bit cloudy…