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Pain after abortion: What should I do?

Patient: Dear doctor I had a abortion a week ago however I am having serve abdominal pain and what can be described as internal vaginal pain. I am very swollen and bloated and am highly sensitive to the touch. Last night the pain in my lower abdomen was so intense it woke me from my sleep. I seem to be bleeding more heavily than before. I have tried heat pads and a mixture of paracetamol and ibuprofen however it does not seem to touch the pain. I cannot move without winching what action should I take ?


Doctor: While it may be normal for the pain and tenderness to remain for a week or so after an abortion, the fact that you canno t move without having pain concerns me. This may be totally normal however just to err on the side of caution I would advice you to go to your Family physician and just rule out any internal bleeding or any infection post abortion. In the mean time you can take tylenol for the pain and keep applying the heat pads. Please see your physician sooner than later.

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Guest: What if the pain lasts years after?


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