Pain after IUD insertion

Patient: I have an iud fitted and recently when having sex i can feel it and so can my partner. i now have a constant ache and discomfort where it is especially when coughing or trying to sit down. not sure what to do.

Doctor: Pain after IUD insertion could be caused by various reasons. If sexual intercourse exacerbates the discomfort, or if the re is development of new vaginal discharge or odor and underlying gynecological problem may be the cause. Your doctor may need to do a vaginal speculum examination, during which the presence/absence and length of the IUD string is noted. Misalignment in the IUD may cause discomfort. In addition, the presence of cervical motion tenderness as well as adnexal tenderness, fullness, or mass is also noted. This could indicate a cervical infection or endometritis/upper genital tract infection (pelvic inflammatory disease). If antibiotic treatment resolves the patient’s symptoms, IUD removal is not indicated. However, if uterine tenderness persists despite treatment, removal of the IUD may indeed be appropriate.