Pain and bleeding when defecating

Patient: Hi i am 18 years old,i just have this pain when defecating then after i see blood and my anus hurts,i forgot when it started but its already been too long. am scared to tell my parents and other stuffs so i asked here.please help me..the blood is bright red and there’s just so many blood

Doctor: Presence of blood in stools may be due to hemorrhoids or anal fissure. You must consult your doctor to evaluate the blee ding. An anoscopy may be required to determine the site of the bleed.Treatment of hemorrhoids may include conservative treatment with lifestyle modifications. You to try warm sitz baths, lubricant cream like anusol, and a stool softener in case you have hard stools to help heal the hemorrhoid. Surgical removal involving band ligation and stapling of the hemorrhoids is done in severe cases.