Pain and burning sensation after implanon removal

Patient: I am pregnant with twins and just recently went to my doctor to get my implanon device removed they gave me a shot to numb the area then proceeded to make an incision the numbing medicine did not work so they gave me another shot then proceeded with the incision again i still feltthe pain from the incision but decided to endure the pain so they could take it out they could not get a hold of the device and quit trying after about five minutes it is the next day and the area around the incision is red it feels hot to touch and it is burning should i go to the emergency room

Doctor: It is definitely a good idea to go and consult a doctor in the ER. Though the pain and burning sensation could be due to the incision itself, it is good to rule out an infection or an underlying hematoma. You may need tylenol for the pain and an antibiotic if there is an underlying infection.