Pain and lack of menstruation two years after D&C.

Patient: Hi i havent menstruated in 3 months. Had a d&c about 3 years ago and have had pelvic pain off and on ever since. I remember after the d&c i noticed i had an incision mark below my belly button. Never got an explanation for that. I had an ultrasound done and would like a second opinion as my doctor cannot explain why I have not menstruated since coming off birth control. Have a feeling their may be a foreign body or something went wrong during the procedure and I may have had something removed. Thanks much APPRECIATED!!

Symptoms: Lack of menstruation since ceasing birth control. Pain on and off in abdomen.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.A dilatation and curettage can cause secondary amenorrhea and lead to infertility. Ashe rman syndrome that causes infertility is one of the side effect of D and C. The scar on the abdomen needs to be personally evaluated by a surgeon or gynecologist to make sure it is a surgical scar or related to the procedure. A D and C will not cause any scar as the procedure is purely done from the vaginal orifice.The reason for you not getting the cycles could be due to other causes like thyroid dysfunction, stress, ovarian or uterine dysfunction, hormonal changes, prolactinoma, weight gain, polycystic ovaries, etc.You will need to undergo a complete evaluation and also get a few blood, urine and hormonal investigations done to ascertain the diagnosis and treat it accordinglyHope this helped.Regards